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On this page you can access information and advice on specific issues and experiences that can affect mental health and emotional wellbeing. You will also find signposts and links to other specialist organisations which you may find helpful

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Anxiety and Panic

What is a nxi ety? Anxiety is a normal emotional and physiological response to a perceived threat – in our physical or psychological environment. Symptoms can range from mild uneasiness and worry, to severe panic. We experience anxiety in different ways: Psychologically Fear, nervousness, not being...

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Loss and Bereavement

Grief is a universal, healthy response to the experience of loss. Loss can be experienced in relation to a wide range of life events and changes, such as the death of another person; a traumatic experience; relationship breakdown; leaving one’s home; illness or injury; the death of a pet. We are in...

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Managing Depression

What is depression? Depression is a general term that describes a range of experiences, including a persistent low mood and a severe decline in how one feels about themselves and their life. Depression affects people in different ways it can occur at any stage throughout life, including childhood...

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Supporting Colleagues in Distress

Information for HR, Managers, First Aiders & Wellbeing Advocates