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Staff Counselling Centre


Who is the Staff Counselling Centre for?

The University Staff Counselling Centre celebrates diversity and difference. We welcome referrals from ALL staff with a university contract.

Our therapists are qualified, and both trained and experienced in working with diversity. The Centre offers equal access to counselling irrespective of difference; this includes but is not limited to age, job grade, colour, race, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, gender, religion, systems of belief, disability, background and the particular issue that each client brings.

We are committed to undertake on-going training for staff and endeavour to improve our understanding of how specific differences might affect an individual’s mental health. Because each individual is unique, any number of people with “the same difference “will not necessarily experience it in the same way. We therefore approach each client with humility and openness to learn of your unique experience and its impact from you.


Who is eligible?

The Staff Counselling Centre is available free of charge to all staff who hold a University contract of employment: academic, academic-related, assistant, research and technical.

[We regret that temporary workers on assignment through the Temporary Employment Service are not eligible to use this service.]

[NB regrettably, staff at institutions such as UCLES, Cambridge Assessment & CUP cannot be seen for counselling, as these are separate employers.]

College staff: College staff who are employed by the Colleges but are not University employees may use the Staff Counselling Centre but need to first obtain a referral from their HR advisor, as counselling is provided under a different arrangement from University Staff.



What is the Staff Counselling Centre?

The University Staff Counselling Centre provides short-term counselling consisting of eight to ten weekly sessions for a range of issues and difficulties with which you may be struggling. All of us go through challenging periods during our lives. These challenges may impinge upon our ability to work to our potential, or conversely, problems at work may impact on the quality of our life generally. We may end up feeling stuck, not knowing what to do.  There is no need to suffer alone.

NB: We are not a crisis service. Please see information on Emergency Contacts for whom to contact in an emergency if you have immediate concerns about your wellbeing or mental health.


How can counselling help?

Counselling provides the opportunity to explore and process whatever is troubling you right now in a confidential and non-judgmental setting with a professional, who is not involved in your difficulties. It can help to disentangle the issues, and understand them from a new perspective. It can help to identify possible areas for change, where change would be helpful and is possible. It can foster self-compassion and break the cycle of constant rumination. It can identify better ways of coping and develop new ways of being.




You can refer yourself online in complete confidence via our secure referral form. You will need your Raven password to use this facility.


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